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Prompt Four

Friday November 6, 2009

It’s been days.
You’re dehydrated and wild-eyed.
And now this.
You traveled all this way for this?

The sign said Rock Slide Area – Proceed with Caution.  You thought that was your biggest concern.  Pieces of mountain rearranging themselves as you made your way through the dark night.  Invisible in their loud progress towards you.  Crashing in as you rounded a curve.  You could see it in your mind over and over.  Repeat play during those long days and worse at night.  Always worse at night.

Now you know that you had it all wrong.  Standing on this porch in the middle of an August afternoon, staring into the empty faces on the other side of the door; a rock slide would feel like a blessing.  You wish for it.  The open space of this place makes you long for that car.  The winding roads.  The possibility of natural disaster.

You found them on the internet.  The damned internet.  An Arizona boy with a family in the hills of Tennessee.  Who would have ever guessed that?  He had imagined California, maybe Florida.  Someplace warm and sunny and filled with light.  All his life he had pictured them.  Imagined them perfect but for loss of him.  Happy and attractive and eager for news of him.  For reunion.

What he found on the other side of that door were people that he didn’t know.  No spark of kinship, no sense of home.  The woman invited him in, in a voice that was pleasant enough.  She was reaching for his coat, offering him a glass of water.  Thank you.  Water would be nice.

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  1. Mark James permalink
    Sunday November 8, 2009 4:26 am

    Hi Mandy:

    Great idea for a blog – showing up for the page and getting it done.

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