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Prompt Seven

Thursday January 7, 2010

Yet again, you draw a breath, mumble an apology, and pull the fire alarm at the shopping mall.

It had to happen. It was really the only way. That creepy man from women’s apparel kept appearing in your peripheral vision and you knew that couldn’t be good. It just felt like a sign. First, his black bowler hat on the makeup counter by the Dior perfume, then the vaguest glance of his coat as you practically ran out of swimwear. It wasn’t right. It couldn’t be coincidence. By the time you met his eyes in intimate apparel, it was all too much to ignore.

Pulling the fire alarm was something that most people left in their grade school years, but what choice was there? He had found you and there was simply no way out. At least not without a distraction. A significant distraction. Juvenile, but effective.

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