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Prompt Nine

Thursday January 28, 2010

A thud.
On the plane, everyone looks around.
Another thud.
And another.
Then, a knocking from below.

Or at least it sounds likes it’s coming from below, but how is that possible?  How could anything be knocking from underneath the plane?  That’s when it hits her.  The luggage is stored beneath the plane.

Do you hear that? The woman by the window looks uncertain, probably hoping that she’s hearing things.  It sounds like somebody is trying to get in.

I’m sure it’s nothing Jenny says.  Must be coming from the flight attendants.  You know they have those carts to manage and who knows where all those drinks really come from.  Her voice sounds wavery in her own ears and all the eyes around her are squinted in concentration.  Something isn’t right and everyone on the plane knows it.  The woman beside her pulls the sweater more closely around her body.  Heads are leaning into the aisles and the air is heavy with whispers and careful listening.

The knocking had stopped, but the sound of it was echoing in her body.  She could feel the thudding deep in her bones.  You would think they could tell us something, wouldn’t you?  How hard could that be? The woman to her left had started chattering, but Jenny could barely hear her.  Her words simply tumbled by as they made their way out into the rest of the plane.  All that Jenny could hear was the knocking.  For her, the knocking had never stopped.


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