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La La Land

Sunday January 31, 2010

I read Thomas Moore before going to bed last night, so I’m thinking about dreams this morning.  I had a busy night.  Here’s what was going on:

  • The weird something that I perceive as gross stuck in either my throat or my mouth dream.  I’ve had some variation of this dream fairly frequently during the last year.  Sometimes it’s connected to my teeth (teeth falling out or feeling loose) and sometimes it’s in my throat.  Last night it was in my throat and I kept having to find bathrooms or other private places so that I could forcibly pull this stuff up and out of my throat.  I don’t ever see what happens to it or what it actually IS once I get it out, but I have to deal with it in private.  The situation feel embarrassing to me and I never tell anyone about it.
  • I was dating Jennifer Nettles.  WTF?  It was clearly her and I was taking her to meet my family who were all very excited about the meeting and the relationship.  I don’t remember feeling that I particularly liked her, but she did seem like a sweet, family oriented girl.  There was also a truck involved that I had to help her in and out of.  I think it had big wheels.  At some point during the date Susan showed up and I had the thought (within the dream) OH of course…..this is about Susan.
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