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A Snow Day is a Good Day

Monday February 1, 2010

This is every bit as true as a professor as it was as a student.  The surprise of a day at home when I had expected to be in the office from 9 to 9 is most welcome.  This being-at-homeness also allowed me to move easily into my recently made 8am to 10am weekly writing commitment.  First day?  Mission accomplished.  I spent two mostly uninterrupted hours with Katie and I learned a lot.  In fact, I got more than one single spaced page out of it.  Not bad.

I had hoped to get to Borders today to buy Writers Digest, but as I’ve mentioned, it is a snow day.  Unless my wife takes me once she gets home from the hospital this afternoon, I’m not going.  There is only one ice/snow driver in my family and it is not me.  A little disappointing, but workable.  Better than wrecking the car.

I’ve also spent some time wandering around the blogosphere (so weird that that is a word) looking for inspirational writing blogs.  I can’t tell that anyone is reading this, but if you are and know of some good blogs, let me know about them.

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