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Organization is My Friend

Wednesday February 3, 2010

I am happy to report that I have made it three days on my writing from 8-10 committment.  Full steam ahead.  It’s certainly still early days, but every day feels like something to celebrate.  Moving in the right direction always feel satisfying.

I originally began this blog as a place to record my responses to the prompts that Zac provides on his WD blog Promptly.  At the beginning of the year I wanted to broaden the place a bit, but I wasn’t sure quite how.  Now that I’ve recommitted to a daily project-driven writing practice I would like for this blog to function as a creative touchstone.  A place to connect with myself and (hopefully!) other writers and keep myself moving in the right direction.

Now that the vision is clear (or clearer), my love of structure is suggesting a posting schedule.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: WD prompt

Tuesday: Book/Article review

Wednesday: WD prompt

Thursday: Novel check-in

Friday: WD prompt

Weekend: catch up/filling in the blanks

I’ll see how this goes and tweak as needed.  Time to head in for the real job!

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