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Working the Long View

Wednesday March 17, 2010

I haven’t exactly been showing up for the page in the last few weeks.  I could respond to this downturn in the way that I always have, but this time I’m making a different decision.  No snide internal chuckling about how silly I was to actually think I could do this.  Not this time.  I can hear the self-satisfied laughter as loud as always, but I’m turning the volume down.  Not helpful.  No thank you.

Instead, I’m working the long view.

The long view has come into an alarming kind of focus since my last date with the page.  What has changed in that time?  Oh I don’t know….. everything.  I am being a smidge dramatic, but only a smidge.  Actually, you be the judge.  Here is what has changed since my last date with the page:

  • The wife and I have been house hunting in another state where we will be moving this summer.  Much of this hunting has been virtual, but I made an actual physical visit last week.
  • I watched our baby wave a remarkably real looking arm on a screen larger than our television.  Although she managed to hold her position in the stirrups and I didn’t tumble from my chair, that wave is still rippling through us.  As a lesbian couple, this baby is certainly no surprise but….. if something in there is moving then it must be true.  We are having a baby!!!
  • The discouraging state of the academic job market in psychology and the reality that my wife will get only 6 weeks of paid maternity leave as a new faculty member have converged to create an interesting new conversation at my house.  Perhaps I should be a stay-at-home Mom.  Perhaps.
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