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Today is the Day

Monday March 22, 2010

to talk about the progress I am making.  Yeah.  About that…..

I came flying out of the gate.  Made the decision to write from 8 to 10 each morning M-F before classes.  That committment held for a week and a half, about 8 days all together.  I was sitting down and making headway and then….. I wasn’t.

  • Wasn’t making the time
  • Wasn’t sure about the story
  • Wasn’t confident that I was taking the best approach
  • Wasn’t sure that all of this was really for me

So, it’s March (late March actually) and I have very little to show for myself.  Truthfully though, I do have some pages and that is the point after all.

The best tool that I have gotten (and actually used) thus far has come from a book called The Weekend Novelist by Robert Ray.  In that book Ray suggests that each time you sit down to write, you  take 5 minutes and free write in response to the prompt “This is a story about….”  He suggests that you do this exercise day after day (really it doesn’t take TOO long) and that in so doing, you write your own way into a better understanding of your story.  This idea immediately resonated with me and I followed his lead on the days I showed up at the page.

What follows is what I’ve written my way towards so far:

This is a story about loneliness and fear and desire.  A story about a girl named Katie.  A Southern girl whose Momma left her when she was just a girl.  Who took care of her Daddy while nobody took care of her.  Who worked at the library instead of going to college.  Who said yes to the first boy that asked her.  A boy she had known all her life.  A boy who would take care of her.

And then it happened.  Her heart broke wide open, but not with love for her husband.  It was the woman who moved in to the house next door.  One day the house was empty and the next everything had changed.  She heard her before she saw her.  The sure sound of her voice carrying all the way to the backyard.  Through the trees and into her heart.  A voice like nothing she had ever known.

I want to feel her pulse in the pages, her breath in my ears.

This is a story about pain and love and how they are always connected.  This is a story about wanting and wanting and never having.  About getting what you dreamed of and being afraid to reach out and grab it.  This is a story about getting what you always wanted in a way you never expected.

I’m getting there.  Slow but sure.

Robert Ray also has a website for anyone that is interested.

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