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The Lace Reader

Tuesday March 30, 2010

The shoelaces – they weren’t meant for that at all.

“How do you keep your shoes on your feet?”

Only the slightest tilt of his head indicated that the boy had even heard the question.  The slow plodding of his pace continued down the hall.  Like no words had been spoken.  In truth, the white circle of shoelace that held up his Levi’s was hardly the most unusual aspect of his bearing.  But, you can’t exactly start a conversation by asking about the offensive statement emblazoned across someone’s chest.  Easier to admire his facility with a pair of shoelaces.  Rib the boy a little.  Wasn’t that they way to deal with teenagers?

“Hey, buddy.  You got a second?”

The plodding slowed and then stopped until the boy was leaning into one of the lockers that lined the hall.  He still didn’t turn around although the tilt of his head suggested he was listening.

********************Can’t seem to go any farther with this one *************************

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