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Something You Should Have Never Seen

Tuesday June 8, 2010

At the library, you see someone using a public computer—and the contents of her screen leave you speechless. Pretending to look at books, you peer over her shoulder and read.

Thank God for Saturday Story Time.

Before I had kids, a free 30 minutes on a weekend afternoon could be blinked away in a moment.  Gone before it ever arrived, and certainly not treasured.  These days just the prospect of Saturday Story Time can get me through a good three or four days.  It’s only 30 minute, but I have them all to myself.

Usually I wander to the coffee shop next door with a magazine for some cafe au lait in a big, comfy chair, but not today.  Today I have work to do.  Getting time at home with the computer without a little person looking over my shoulder or wanting to sit in my lap has been impossible.  If I want to find a cool party site in our new town and manage to keep it a surprise with the kids, this is probably my best bet.

Making my way to the computers, I allow myself a moment of pity here in this new place with a bunch of kids and nothing but the internet to help me with party ideas.  Of course, it could be worse.  I could still be in Tuscon.  Instead I am here with a birthday party to plan.  Things are definitely looking up.

I click my way easily through the login process and towards the internet.  Immediately images of brightly colored cakes, balloons and putt-putt golf courses fill the screen. It looks like central New Mexico has plenty to offer in the way of kiddie entertainment.  Jotting phone numbers quickly on a receipt I dug from the depths of my purse, I notice that it’s already 2:30.  Time to gather the little people.

Making my way through the computer maze, I spot a familiar face.  Actually, from this perspective it is a familiar bun, but that bun can only belong to one person.  Bright red hair bound tightly and secured with a black ribbon, makes this fellow library goer Sarah, the Preacher’s wife.  I’ve only spoken to Sarah a few times, but running into her here makes me feel a little less alone in this new place.  As I step forward to greet her, the screen of her computer comes into focus.  I freeze.  Am I hallucinating?  I can’t believe what I’m seeing and now there is no way out.  The ribbon whistles through the stale air and our eyes lock.

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  1. Friday June 11, 2010 5:47 pm


    I left a comment on WD but … ack! I’m soooo not a cliff hanger girl and you’ve totally hooked me here. What’s on the screen? lol.

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