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Your Story No. 28

Thursday August 12, 2010

During your weekly housecleaning you find an unfamiliar cell phone in the cushions of your couch—but can’t recall having had any recent visitors. It rings.

At first, I didn’t even hear it; the vacuum does make a lot of noise after all.  It was the green light flashing from the couch that caught my eye.  That was unusual.  So unusual that I turned off the vacuum and that was when I heard the ring, or what passes for a ring these days.  We would have called it a song in my day and a vile song at that (were they really singing about that???), but these days it signals an incoming call.

I only answered it bc I couldn’t see any other way to get that song to stop rounding its’ way through my living room.  Answering that phone was just as natural as opening an umbrella in the rain or turning up the heat when it’s chilly in the house.  Simple as that.  Not a moment of surprise to encounter a stranger’s phone in my living room; a stranger’s pink leopard print phone (did leopards come in pink now?) at that.  No hesitation or suspicion.  All of that would come later, after I had heard the voice.

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