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Tempting Fate

Tuesday October 26, 2010

Write a scene featuring a red truck, an asthma inhaler, and the word “fate.”

She had had asthma as long as she could remember.  Longer even than her Momma had been driving Shelby, the old pick-up that might as well have been part of the family.  Every Sunday when they got home from church, Daddy said he had to go take care of the red-head and he’d spend the next hour making Shelby look as good as an old truck could.  Around the time that Fate started packing the inhaler in with her PE clothes, she realized that most people didn’t name the cars they drove.  Missy Flanagan was more than happy to share this information as Missy was a girl who thrived on knowing things that other people didn’t.

But Fate was no longer a girl and although she still had asthma, she had lost Momma and Daddy before she walked across the stage for her diploma.  Not that the diploma had really done her much good.  Cutting hair at Elvira’s Hair Port didn’t require a high school diploma, but it did require transportation.  For the first few years it had been hard, but now Fate loved driving Shelby.  Settling herself into that lumpy seat each morning, for just a moment, she didn’t feel alone.


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