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Fear Factor

Wednesday October 27, 2010

For a Halloween party, your character has decided to face his biggest fear by making it his costume. And at the party, his biggest fear comes true.

The costume had seemed like such a good idea last night as he rushed towards his car and away from the desk that seemed to have tentacles that were forever grasping where they didn’t belong.  After a particularly lengthy and fruitless session with Danny, who was in his office only because he would find himself back in a jail cell if he failed to make an appearance, it came to him.  He could dress up as a client.  It might not be the most politically correct idea he could have conceived, but thinking about what kinds of clothes and props he would need made the day feel lighter and almost entertaining.  Counseling abusive men who repeatedly found themselves on the wrong side of the law couldn’t kill you if you were laughing about it, right?

Now that he was in the midst of an assortment of witches, lumberjacks and  more than one Sarah Palin, he wasn’t so sure.  Explaining his costume made him feel like a jerk, probably because he couldn’t manage the “Oh yeah, I’m cool with it” tone he was going for, and so he had spent most of the night drinking Bud Lime (what was happening to his life) and listening to a woman dressed like a French maid complain about her husband.  When Joe announced a beer run, he grabbed the opportunity, excused himself from the disgruntled maid and offered to drive.

He was glad to get away from the crowd and the cool air lifted his spirits.  Joe was rambling on about something in the seat beside him, but he wasn’t even listening.  He had had enough of that.  Driving towards the gas station with the windows down, he focused only on the sensation of the wind whipping through the windows.  It felt good.  It felt good right up until the moment when the blue lights seared into his rear view mirror.  The moment when the beers with the maid, Joe’s sports car, and his clever costume collided into one very bad idea.

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